Unluckly, my career is online.
Beginning AngularJs

I could start experimenting with AngularJs as the frontend framework and things are getting more clear.

after importing angular.js, the initialization was as easy as

It’s been a while (true)

I’ve been very lazy busy lately working on 2 projects.
One of those was a small side-project so I could use all the tools I wanted to test in a real-world application.


Meanwhile I finish reading that superbasicboringbook, I have implemented a solution for creating POCOs from an Oracle database just providing a connection string and a table name to a T4 template.

The sketch and my work

Beside posting updates, my mind keeps bothering me about changing the design. I’ve made a simple sketch to add a sidebar that overlays the page and contains info and stuff, it’s a trello card also.

A quick update

Here’s the resume of the stuff i’ve been studying recently, altough I knew everything 😀

Passing arguments by reference or value
Difference between out and ref
out Variable doesn’t need initialization before being passed as method argument
ref Variable needs initialization before being passed as method argument

By ref or out a reference to the actual variable is passed, thus editing its value without the need to return it back to the caller